Why Cadillac Can’t Sell its Sports Sedans

I was directed to a Road & Track video about the Cadillac CTS V-Sport, and in it they stated that it’s “criminally overlooked” and has better performance than a BMW 5-series.

Via Road & Track

There’s no denying that the caddy has some seriously impressive performance. The model R&T looked at had a twin turbo V6 with 420hp. In the video the driver states that the car has “great steering, great body control, and feels light and nimble.” I’m sure that that is all true, and that it is a great handling car. The problem with Cadillac isn’t performance though. It’s styling that Cadillac have a problem with.

The car is ugly, and especially so from the back. It looks like a car that your granddad would swear by. “It’s reliable and rides great” he would say, as he cruised at 10 below the speed limit. The front end is actually alright, but is ruined by ugly running lights going down the front bumper; they look out of place and off center. The back and side are worse, with nothing standing out. It doesn’t look the part, it just looks like a regular luxury sedan.

Cadillac has a reputation of building large luxury cars that old people drive, and their styling choices are not helping. Not many people that want a sports sedan want it to look like just a regular car. Now I’m not saying that every car has to be flashy to be good, but subtle with a bit of flash is nice. Or even attractive lines and curves would be a start for Cadillac. They don’t seem to have ever seen a good looking car.

It’s impossible to “criminally overlook” the CTS-V, because you’ll never notice it in the first place.

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