RE: The Tyranny of Chairs — Longreads

The Tyranny of Chairs — Longreads

Above is a New York Times article that Longreads shared regarding larger people being uncomfortable at restaurants due to the size of the chairs / seating. It’s just so absurd that I had to let my thoughts be known.

Let me preface what I’m about to say with these points: firstly, if you see someone overweight eating in a restaurant you should not stare, point, laugh, or do anything else that could embarrass them or make them uncomfortable. This shouldn’t have to be said but many people seem to think of overweight people as something to be laughed at and bullied. They’re not. Secondly, there are a few certain medical conditions which may cause someone to gain weight, or make it harder to lose weight. I am not addressing these people, as that is a physical medical condition beyond their control, and not a mental addiction to food. Lastly, I would like to note that I have struggled with weight my entire life; I was pushing 200 lbs in fifth grade, and by college I was not weigh-able on the scale at my doctor’s office. It went up to 350 lbs. After that day I went on a strict 1,500 calorie diet I have been trying to stick to for the last three years. It’s worked good for me, I got down to 235 lbs last summer but I have since gained and am currently sitting at 285 lbs.

I have an addiction to food. It has caused me many pains, both physical and mental. Destroyed social confidence and destroyed knees are some examples. It’s not a good thing, and it is not something that should be accepted. I have a serious problem, and I will have to fight the urge to stuff my face for the rest of my life. It sounds comical honestly, and I understand that. It’s the truth though, some days I honestly have trouble controlling how much food I put in my mouth. It’s an addiction, but I do have the ability to control it with enough willpower.

When I see overweight people complaining that society doesn’t accept them for who they are, I cannot help but roll my eyes. I have never once blamed my addiction on anyone else, or expected anyone else to accommodate me. In essence, what these people are asking for is the equivalent of a heroin addict asking for a grungy bed to shoot up on in the middle of a restaurant. It’s absurd. If you are not happy with your size, then try to change it. It is incredibly hard, I know more than anybody. But it is doable. Stop expecting other people to accommodate you, and instead work on bettering yourself. It’s a very difficult, lifelong battle. But it is your battle, not society’s.

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