The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caused mass panic early in the year, prompting many people to go out and buy essential supplies from their local grocery stores. This caused a severe spike in demand that blind sided all retailers. They had trouble keeping up with the high demand, and most stores’ shelves had empty gaps were inventory once set. FPS Squared editor Jesse Rice photographed some of the stores to document the event. In an attempt to slow demand, much of the United States’ grocery stores had to enact purchase limits on common household goods such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies and disinfectants, canned goods, and drinking water. As of the writing of this article however, many stores are still low in stock on essential supplies.

Jesse went to two local grocery stores near the FPS Squared offices and took a few pictures of the shelves. The images show a stunning look at the state of stores around the country as people flock for essential supplies. As of the writing of this article, COVID-19 has infected 458,662 people and killed 20,799.

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