Apple recently released a new update for iPad OS that allows users to connect keyboards, mice, and trackpads to their iPad.

Many reviews have focused on web browsing, photo editing, and productivity while using a keyboard and mouse on iPad, but what about gaming? I put the iPad to the test to see if this was supported.

The Games Tested

I tested two games for keyboard and mouse support: Minecraft and Oceanhorn 2. I picked these because Oceanhorn 2 is backed by Apple themselves via Apple Arcade, and Minecraft is regularly maintained and updated ny Mojang.

So, if ANY games would support the use of mouse and keyboard, one of these two surely would.

Unfortunately, neither of these games fully supported the use of mouse and keyboard gaming.

It’s still early

It is worth noting that, though I didn’t have any success in my tests, it is still early on.

Keyboard and mouse support is still a new feature in iPad OS. As of the writing of this article, it’s not even been available for a month.

Support for keyboard and mouse could be added by game developers in the coming weeks or months. A simple patch could add the feature, and I imagine Apple Arcade implementation is even simpler for devs since those games are already available on Macs anyway.

There is a way…sort of

While I was unsuccessful in getting a local game to support a keyboard and mouse, I was able to get it working with streaming games.

Using Steam Link, I successfully played Ruiner on my iPad with a keyboard and mouse.

So, if you really want to, you can technically play games with a keyboard and mouse on iPad. And honestly, Steam Link is not half bad if you’re on a wired connection on the host machine.

It will probably get better

If you don’t wanna go through the trouble of using a streaming service to play games, then as of right now you are S.O.L.

But if you give it a few months I would imagine that many games with start supporting this feature.

You’ll just have to be patient.

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