Earlier this week EA added official online multiplayer to the original (2004) Star Wars: Battlefront.

When I heard about this I was excited since in the past the only way to play online multiplayer was through third party solutions and programs.

Unfortunately, the patch seems to be rushed and is just not that great of an experience. The type of multiplayer they added was peer-to-peer, meaning that games are hosted on players’ computers. This means pings are absolutely awful, and lag is a severe problem.

Surprisingly, Star Wars: Battlefront also runs worse than you would expect. I would average around 50-60 frames per second when connected to a server. Doesn’t sound too bad until you realize the game is 16 years old and running on a RTX 2070. There is no reason for it to run that bad. If I am hosting a game or playing offline, I get MULTIPLE HUNDREDS of frames per second, so the issue seems to indeed lie within the online multiplayer.

No one seems to be playing this game either, I struggled to find a server with more than 10 people and a ping of less than 200. Add all this together and I cannot recommend this game to anyone, unless you already own it or can get it for free.

Check out the video above for more info.

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