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    Hello! Welcome to the FPS Squared forums. We hope this is to be a place of great value for gaming topics and discussion. We are however aware that internet bulletin boards are quite often home to the very worst people on the web. We will not tolerate that here. Period. Here are our rules, please read them before posting.

    1. NO BULLYING. This is very simple, do not post anything negative regarding another user of this site or another person in general. We will not allow this behavior and there are no warnings. First offense is an IP ban and user deletion.

    2. NO SPAM. Do not try to sell your stuff on these forums, no links to products. You can link to social media profiles and self promote within reason. If we see you are just posting links to your social media and not contributing anything else, we will remove the post(s) and delete your user account.

    3. NO NSFW. If you cannot view it at work, you cannot post it here. No porn, gore, or disturbing or upsetting images/videos. This will result in an IP ban and user deletion.

    4. NO COPYRIGHTED / ILLEGAL CONTENT. Users who violate this rule will be IP banned, their post(s) removed, and their IP reported to the authorities. We take this very seriously and will not tolerate it.

    5. NO HATE SPEECH. Any racist, sexist, homophobic, trans phobic, or hateful speech will be removed immediatley and the user IP banned and deleted.

    6. FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE SPECIFIC BOARD YOU’RE IN. These are just the global rules, there are also specific rules for each board that you must follow.

    We want everyone to have a good time if people choose to use our boards. The idea of forums on the site is something I was conflicted over. If it gets too bad, they will be deleted. I have better things to do with my time then watch over and moderate a board. Just be respectful and don’t do anything stupid here.

    IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS regarding our rules, please respond to this thread.

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